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In the world of spyware detectors and eliminators, one of the systems that has been around for many years would be none other than Spyware Doctor by PC Tools .

Now Spyware Doctor is a very trusted software suite, and has been downloaded a great many times since it inception. I am not saying that it is the best thing going in terms of spyware solutions, but it does have a history and that must count for something.

Spyware Doctor is not unlike other spyware solutions available on the net these days, it is very effective at finding harmful spyware data on your computer and disposing of it for you.

CLICK HERE to go to the Spyware Doctor – PC Tools website.

And since its newest release in June of 2009, Spyware Doctor hosts more features and improved customization than in previous versions of the software, but I am not sure that I would rank it as high as other packages that I have had the privilege of reviewing.

Some of the features that Spyware Doctor does offer are:

  • Real-Time Blocking and Protection and
  • Color-Coded Spyware Severity Identification.

As far as the ease at which you are able to setup Spyware Doctor, I would give it high ranks in this regard. You will not need to possess a great deal of computer skills to be able to setup this software.

Its main screen and controls are easy enough to use and actually designed quite well, the navigation is user-friendly and overall I would say Spyware Doctor does well in the department of ease on setup and finding specific features to operate the software.

During my research and actual use of the suite, I found Spyware Doctor did the job it was designed to do fairly effectively and within a reasonable amount of time as well.

It has not problems detecting a significant amount of spyware, and a modest amount of adware on my personal system. But as compared to other systems that I have used, I think it could have done a little better job at detecting more.

Other systems have been doing a better job, and had this software done the same level it would be a better bet for your purchase simply because of the longevity of its use on the internet.

As far as removing the actual spyware detected on my system and other users who maintain use of Spyware Doctor, it has done a good job at removing the spyware without harm to other files are reducing other system resources, and I have also discovered that Spyware Doctor is also one of the best at preventing spyware and malware from being installed in the first place.

Let’s take a look at overall system performance of Spyware Doctor:

Well overall I would rank it an average performance level simply because I have discovered that it can and will place a drain on systems with less than 1GB of memory, and a great many people out there do not run very quick machines.

This could pose a problem if you want to use other programs at the same time on your computer. As far the the scanning of the computers, this on the other hand was not as average.

I found Spyware Doctor scanned my computer, and others during my research, relatively quick and this is a plus if you want a quick scan, but if it uses too many resources in the meantime, it is sorta useless if you ask me.

Support offered by PC Tools stands around the average range, you will discover a few support options available to include email support, a FAQ page and a built-in help function.

Of course there are a lot better support platforms available on the net and for different spyware solutions.

But to wrap it up, Spyware Doctor is a fairly decent product for doing what it was meant to do, and that is detect and remove spyware and adware.

Though I believe you could do better with other systems available, it is still not a bad buy and is reasonably prices as well.

If you are interested in testing Spyware Doctor out for yourself, please click on the following link to be brought directly to the website for downloading this system:

CLICK HERE to go to the Spyware Doctor – PC Tools website.

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