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One of the very best ways to defend your identity and computer data from the unwanted internet thieves is to equip your computer with the latest spyware software, but unfortunately not just any ole’ software package will do.

For this reason, I have done ample research on some of the top spyware software packages and am happy to share a review on one of the top spyware solutions, namely Spy Sweeper, and what exactly it can do to protect you from unscrupulous computer attacks.

It is amazing how quickly these predators are able to create these viscous programs designed to steal every part of your identity and use it for their personal gain.

CLICKING HERE to go to the Spy Sweeper website.

Spy Sweeper is specifically designed to prohibit such practices by scanning in realtime your computer data to detect and remove malicious programs designed to steal everything dear to you.

So what exactly will Spy Sweeper do for you? Well let’s take a look below:

  • Spy Sweeper automatically has the ability to evolve thus fighting off emergent threats
  • It also has frequent updates to keep your computer safe
  • Another great feature and benefit is the advanced rootkit protection it provides
  • There is also free online and phone technical support, as to be expected these days

As I mentioned above, Spy Sweeper will scan your computer in realtime without any input from you other than a push of a button, but if you prefer a little more control over the application, Spy Sweeper also has given you the ability to run custom scans, giving you the option of checking off certain functions and leaving some others off.

One of the major concerns of inexperienced computer users is the complexity of the setup functions with software, and I am happy to say that Spy Sweeper boasts an extremely customer friendly setup without a complex user interface to learn, and very well organized to boot.

And since Spy Sweeper comes with the ability to backup your important data, you need not fear losing any data while using the software and you can also do other functions on your computer at the same time with the unique “Gamer Mode” function, which enables the user to set future scans aside and have the system run in the background.

Okay, all of this technology is great and all, but how about the function of Spy Sweeper, will it do what it says it will do?

That is the biggest question you should be asking yourself, and the unanimous conclusion is that, yes indeed, Spy Sweeper does what it professes to do.

With its ability to continually evolve, Spy Sweeper will fight off a great majority of the known major threats being spread across the internet.

With the function of instantly preventing spyware, malware, parasites, data miners, adware and many more threats from accessing your information or altering your system you can feel safe while on the internet.

In fact, during my research I discovered that Spy Sweeper has fifteen smart shields that defend against annoying and troublesome pests like:

  • Cookie Trackers,
  • Browser Hijackers,
  • Keyloggers and Trojans.

And if you are completely clueless about what exactly you should be protecting yourself from while on your computer surfing the internet, you need not worry because Spy Sweeper will inform you of what consist of 12 recommended shields you should be implementing during your scans and give you the opportunity to run them.

Once Spy Sweeper has completed the very detailed scan of your computer it will display the threats found and present you with the option of easy removal of these harmful files without causing undue harm to any other files on your computer by assigning levels of risk and descriptions of each of the harmful files found.

You then have the ability to safely remove these threats from the quarantine or you can have them instantly deleted. Spy Sweeper also come with the ability to safely remove associated registry entries, running processes and files to almost instantly improve the computers performance.

I have found this feature to be very accommodating right after the initial install and first scan of my computer, to remove any and all unwanted malicious items that may have already resided on my hard drive before the installation of Spy Sweeper.

Above all I would say that Spy Sweeper has over performed and will stand the test of time when it comes to the protection of your computer.

If you even think that there is the possibility of your computer being compromised (which is a very real threat these days) you cannot afford to be without a very well crafted spyware solution, and Spy Sweeper does it all.

My only other recommendation is for you to immediately go to the Spy Sweeper website, download the system and try it out yourself by simply…

CLICKING HERE to go to the Spy Sweeper website.

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